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Interested in having a nice garden party this summer? The creative mind of Murmurlade has the solution for that! Check out The Secret Garden for tons of super cute new items!

Not only are there new items there, but both The Twice Handled Shoppe and Sh [...]

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Meet Silas Roscoe -- The owner of The Secret Garden, the ultimate shop for springtime wear!

http://windlynonline.com/cgi-bin/forums/images/shops/npc/flowerShop.pngThe flower moon may be over, but doesn't mean all the flowers have to go too! A new shop just opened up in Windlyn!

Silas is a very sweet, soft spoken young man. Saying Silas is a gardening enthusiast would be an understatement. He can identify at least 3,182 different kinds of plants by smell alone.

Silas is the sixth child of a pair of forest rangers, one coming from each of the oldest lineages of forest guides. Each member of Silas’ family has a specialty, his oldest sister can diagnose and nurse any ill plant, his younger brother can grow vegetables in any type of environment. Silas has been known to have “the greenest thumb”, and specializes in growing plants in unusual sizes. He focuses on using his skill to put together decorative arrangements, and is especially famous for his elaborate dwarfed trees.

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