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New and Looking for 1 x 1 partners~

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New and Looking for 1 x 1 partners~

Postby Kimmi-Chan » Wed May 02, 2018 11:29 am

Hello there!

I'm Kimmi and I am new to the site. Since I'm new, I thought making a search thread for rp partners would be a good idea. I can be online all day every day. I just ask that you work with me as we write something awesome. If you can't continue or you need a break, just let me know ^^ I'm all for taking breaks. I am a sucker for romance rps, but I don't want instant romance. I prefer to play a female (as I am a female) but depending on the plot I wouldn't mind being male or doubling it. I only do gxg or bxg rps as I'm not good at bxb rps. I prefer to come up with plots with my partners and I also enjoy fantasy type rps or slice of life kinds, like with everyday situations and settings. So if you think you would be up for rping with me, please post here or send me a PM ^^
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