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Anime: Angel Beats. Colour: Purple. Animal: Cat. Number: 7. Letter: Q. Activity: Video Gaming. Music: Whatever I'm listening to at the moment. Movie: None. Book: None. Game: Whatever I'm playing at the moment. Person: My family and friends.

I identify as a male but I'm not too picky. On here for example, I usually use a female avatar, and pretended to be female for years.

I love cats. I love books.
I love games. So take a look.
I love manga. I love nature.
I love the past. And the future.
I love dark. I love light.
I love sunsets. What a sight.
I love life. I love my friends.
I love my family. Til the end.
I love people. Yes it's true.
I love me. And I love you.

Yeah, I'm mad as a hatter,
But I don't need no haters,
Because it don't matter,
Just need participators.

Yeah, I'm crazy as a fox,
But I don't give a fuck,
So don't throw no rocks,
Because that would suck.

Yeah I belong in the loony bin,
But I'mma say it again,
I'm a shut-in,
But so are my friends.

Yeah, I'm silly as a goose,
And everyone knows,
I got a few screws loose,
But I hang with all my bros.

Yeah, I'm cracked as a nut,
But it doesn't matter a whole lot,
Maybe I keep my doors shut,
But who cares, so what?

Windlyns Wonderful Wizard With Words.
Red Ranger.
The Literary Fairy.
Self Appointed Captain Of The Royal Guard.
The Fairy Queen.
The Fairy King.
The Fairy Overlord.
The Fairy Emperor.
The Fairy Emperess.
Master of the Thread (Last Post Wins).
Rhyming King
Rhyming Queen




I'm right...there. No, not there, there!

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Thu Mar 23, 2023 3:11 am


Working as an overnight stock person


cats, writing, reading, coming up with ideas, video games, YouTube, tv, music, and a little bit of poetry.


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Postby Cilencio Cerbera » Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:47 am

npixelz wrote:Who is Hyeri?

Some random person that I adopted as a sis at a random beach one day two years back.

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Postby ObviouslynotHyeri » Sat Aug 15, 2020 9:26 am

npixelz wrote:Who is Hyeri?

:L_Wing: :grin: :R_Wing:

im Hyeri, did i confused you? hahah
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baby Riri ♥ (sleeping) | Ghost mode | Inactive

Postby npixelz » Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:49 am

Aw, thank you. I didn't even see this! Wildlyn has helped me through so much, so I'm happy to do my best to respond in kind
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Currently seeking event items
Minecraft guild
Owner of many titles
Creator of many forum games
The Fairy Garden is my main place, but you'll also find me in other hangouts
Lastly, much love to everyone, and remember; Positive Mental Attitude!
Keep being awesome
:L_Wing: :heart: :R_Wing: