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Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:38 am


Whaaaaat? Is that Lady Pengwing? On a mug? Yes it is!

We've set up some patterns on Redbubble, a high-quality, on-demand printing company.
Redbubble lets you select a design and then choose what to print it on. Mugs aren't your thing? You can get the same pattern on a clock, or stickers, or whatever you like! (The mugs are really nice though.)

There's only a few designs up there so we could test the quality of the printing, but much more to come! If there's a character or image you really like or just gotta have, let us know!

You can check out the new merch' on the same page you purchase Wings :R_Wing: from, or by visiting the storefront directly!

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It took almost an hour longer than we expected (the technician had to pull a completely new fiber cable), but we're back! (I think we'll have to triple time estimates given by outside contractors next time!)

The upgraded trunk con [...]

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