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Wed Oct 25, 2023 8:18 pm


Ding dong ding dong dong ding ding dong

Classes are in session and you just transferred to the prestigious Hallowshire Academy! The school is known for producing some of the strongest, most talented, and spookiest magic users in all of Windlyn. Like most things in Hallowshire, the school and the students might not look so familiar to you. Monsters, Ghouls, and Ghosts lurk around every corner. It might seem like it would be hard to fit in, but your classmates have got your back! That's the Windlyn way!

Meet some of your classmates in the cafeteria before school or at lunchtime, chat a bit and get to know them. They're happy to help if you can help them make the time.

Go to the cafeteria and make some new friends

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Our new parts came in last night (yay Amazon!) and we decided to to take a strategic approach to troubleshooting. Our tech swapped out the cheapest part this evening (it only took 10 minutes so there was no time for a warning post) and we [...]

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