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[Please Read!] The Portal Guidelines

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[Please Read!] The Portal Guidelines

Postby Lime » Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:48 pm

This forum is called the The Portal!

It's a subforum dedicated entirely to the "out of character" speech, or OOC for short in an RP.

Please keep in mind:

The creator of a group RP may make one OOC thread per RP.
    - OOC threads are used for chatting and speaking with the members of an RP without cluttering or conflicting with the current role-play.

    This could include but is not limited to,

    - Idle chatter to let others know you're online (But NOT spam)!
    - Letting others know when you'll be away for an extended period of time
    - Likewise, even to tell them you're getting off for the night so they aren't waiting on a post
    - Talking about the RP with other members
    - Plotting what your characters will do with others
    - Giving ideas or suggestions on the RP

This forum is not for:

IC (in character) use, searches, advertising, or anything other than the above.

Do not post in a thread that is not open for the public. If an OOC says specifically that only members are allowed to post, please respect that rule.

Thank you!

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