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History-- Novalia

History-- Novalia

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At the very end of every year, all of Windlyn gathers together in celebration to remember what happened in the previous year and make predictions (wishes) for the year to come. In addition to it being the changing of the year, the festivities are held because breathtaking borealis lights dance across the sky and can be seen all across the world of Windlyn every night-- and in some locations, they can be seen all day as well.

The very last day of the year is called Novalia, however, there is so much excitement towards the final day that Novalian Season or just Novalia is the term coined for the entire ten day long celebration.

Traditionally, the colours for the Novalian Season are just blue and white, however, it isn’t uncommon to see all the colours of the lights in the sky included. After all, there are no set rules-- the jubilee is about letting the celebrator express themselves and their happiness.

    Fete is an extra special day in the middle of the Novalia celebrations, where Windlyn takes a day to honor Aurora, the goddess of the sun and dawn.
    From the eve of Fete to the morning of Fete itself, Winners take part in The Dance of the Dawn starting from as soon as the lights appear in the night sky until the sun rises the next morning. This time is used to socialize, laugh, and unwind. Parties pop up all across the world, and help light up the dark skies as Aurora does for them every day.

    Then, on Fete, Winners slow down to celebrate Aurora, relax, and feast! Since people are in the giving spirit, it's common to exchange gifts in colourful wrappings between friends.

    Nobody quite knows how or why, or when it started, but every year, without fail, the lights shine brighter than normal on the fourth night and morning of the fifth day. It is often thought that Aurora herself shines even brighter through the night, to show she received everyone’s kind wishes and joy.

Novalia (day)
    Novalia is a day of hope, new beginnings, and more feasting! It’s about resolutions and growth. Since it’s the last day in the year, Novalia is when folks all over Windlyn gather together as a community and welcome the new year with a show of unity. This show of unity is something that exemplifies the Windlyn way of life, an act of many producing something wonderful. It can be anything from helping a neighbour, to donating to public works, building refugee centers, donating old clothing, or anything that the imagination can fathom! Afterwards everyone puts forth their resolutions to improve themselves or the world around them, and joins together to observe the new year.

Every day in Novalia has a different theme to celebrate:
    December 22nd: Day of Harvests:
      Typically involves feasting and celebrating prosperity of farmers. The harvesting season just finishes at this time, so produce is ripe as can be!
    December 23rd: Day of Good Health
      Small areas of Windlyn take the Day of Good Health to mean detoxing, exercising, or otherwise recovering from the bloating of the Day of Harvests. Some make special soups or elixirs to keep them healthy for the year to come. The majority of Winners, however, just feel thankful they are healthy and well, and hope for a future that keeps them the same.
    December 24th: Celebrating Family & Loved Ones
      Day three of Novalia is a little uncomfortable for some, and for others is filled with warm hugs, but for everyone it is a day filled with love. This day is intended to celebrate family and loved ones-- past and present. Each citizen celebrates in their own way.
    December 25th: Eve of Fete
      Most of the day is spent preparing, but come nighttime, Windlyn lights up with festivities. The Dance of the Dawn takes place until the next morning.
    December 26th Fete
      Fete is spent celebrating with more feasts and festivities. Usually they involve sitting and relaxing one’s feet.
    December 27th: Day of Resting
      It’s no coincidence the Day of Resting follows Fete. After having been awake so long, all of Windlyn needs a day off to relax and sleep to recharge. This day is alternatively coined Day of Hibernation
    December 28th: Day of Wealth
      In certain areas of Windlyn, some folks will give feathers to the younger inhabitants in their towns, as special money for the new year. Other areas have their own special traditions. Either way, friends and family wish each other to have good fortunes in the year to come and for none of their neighbours to have strokes of poverty.
    December 29th: Day of Luck
      Some take the day of luck to mean Gambling. Others take it more simply-- Being thankful for what they have, and wishing the future continues to show them, at the very least, the same luck they’ve been getting.
    December 30th: Day of Balance and Justice
      The day of Balance and Justice is designed for people to release any issues they have from the previous year, and to ask for justice for wrongs against them. This gives everyone the opportunity to enter the new year with a clean, balanced slate.
    December 31st: Novalia
      Novalia itself is the very last day of the year. A day of hope, wishes, and wonder. The tradition is “for good”, where members of every community do something to help their neighbours before making their own resolutions. After everyone has made their declarations to better the new year, the final feasts and parties begin and don’t end until the year changes over!
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