Windlyn is a fantasy world. Of course there are legends to come with it.

Location-- Hallowshire

Location-- Hallowshire

Postby Diana » Sat Nov 19, 2016 6:53 pm

Tucked inside a mountain range halfway between Snowflake Village and Kau’wella sits Hallowshire, a forest covered country home to witches, warlocks, wizards, ghouls, ghosts, and just about every little thing that could make your skin crawl. It should be noted that even though the country and its inhabitants are frightening, what appears to be harmful is not always so. Though monsters are fully integrated in every town, the citizens are not bad at all. Practical jokes are common, but are made all in good fun. Occasionally, a troublemaker or two pops up, but they are quickly sorted out by peacekeeping officials called Good-doers Hostile Against Substantial Trouble (GHAST). There is an abundance of magical powers, but they are typically used for good, so all citizens can live in harmony with each other.
If you visit from another part of Windlyn, you may be in for a culture shock. In Hallowshire, the dilapidated is considered stylish, the unlucky, lucky; and the macabre, beautiful and lively. Because of its bizarre customs and presentation, Hallowshire is becoming an increasingly more popular tourist destination in Windlyn.


Hallowshire is home to an untalented, but hardworking and sweet young witch, Isabel, and her shop, The Pumpkin Patch. As part of her schooling, Isabel tried her best to help citizens of Windlyn to have an exciting Halloween in 2016, but she wasn't able to execute her spells properly. She didn't meet the requirements to move up to the next level of witchcraft, so Isabel is taking time to develop her skills on her own.
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