Windlyn is a fantasy world. Of course there are legends to come with it.

Location-- Star Pond

Location-- Star Pond

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Citizens of Windlyn have been hard at work planning all sorts of festivities. Some have been working for weeks, months even! As Novalia drew nearer, the Borealis grew brighter. Many believed the goddesses Aurora and Eventide were very pleased with the preparations for their holiday. Others believed that Aurora and Eventide were having a heartfelt reunion, and expressing their joy in meeting peacefully after last year’s terrible battle. Unfortunately, neither belief was true.

In the sky, Aurora and Eventide were worried- panicked even. Their emotions were high, causing the Borealis to appear more colourful and active, as would happen with the emotions of any celestial being, but the origins of their worries caused the dramatic change in brightness from previous years. By some unexpected and unnatural phenomenon, to the goddesses dismay, the sky fell to Windlyn. There were very few stars shining in the dark sky to compete with the Borealis. Eventide, being the ruler of the night sky was rightfully distraught. She had lost her friends, the constellations, and her treasures! Aurora, feeling her sister’s pain was helpless. Although Life himself was on their side, the stars remained just out of reach. Unable to retrieve the stars themselves, Aurora and Eventide hatched a plan.

Both of the goddesses appeared to you in a dream, asking for your assistance. They quickly explained the situation, and the location they believe their friends are trapped. Before dawn the following morning, you had already packed, locked up, and started on your way.
A day and night of traveling later, you believed you were lost, or worse, crazy. The Borealis continued to shine brightly, pointing you in the direction you needed to go, dispelling your suspicions. The goddesses had spoken to you and you trusted them to lead you to your destination. Over the next few days, you began to meet others the goddesses had chosen for help, and grouped up with them.
Everyone in your party knew immediately when you had reached the end of your journey. You reached vast plains centered around a huge pond that seemed to contain all of what you knew about space. Against the dark environment, the speckles in the pond shone so brightly you did not need your torches, and turned them off well before you were actually at the pond.

Like clockwork, each traveller situates themselves on the edge of the pond, casts their line, and wait for a bite.
When you are ready, you join them.
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