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Something to Talk About!

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Something to Talk About!

Postby Diana » Fri Dec 10, 2021 5:11 pm


You might've seen some sneak peeks over the last few weeks (oops), but I'm happy to announce a new item type, Mouths!

Our hope is that we can mix and match different mouths to show a variety of emotions, and give everyone more mileage out of their favourite eyes.

Permenantly available mouths and eyes will be for sale in Shears & Scalpel's. There's a couple in there to play with, and many more to come!
All faces released from now on will be in the two parts as to take full advantage of the new update- unless they're something special, like the mime faces, which are full-face makeup, of course. :smile:

To celebrate the new change, and help you try it out, ShiroGEM has made an adorbs new face set!

Not all the old faces have been broken up yet! I'll slowly be working through the existing faces (which will all be in one Eye item until I get to them) over the next few weeks. If you time it right, you might even catch me doing it :cheer:
In the meantime, don't worry if you want to wear an old, unsplit pairing. They're not going away! Feel free to unequip all mouths and wear the old face as-is. As I split up these files, I'm trying to be careful about making sure to re-equip them to your avatar. If that doesn't happen automatically, sorry! It's a lot of juggling and sometimes I get confused :embarassed: Re-equipping items will fix that up for you.

The old "Face" tab in the inventory is now a dropdown. Clicking it will show two types: Eyes and Mouths.
If you don't see this new category option, or are seeing some funny/missing images, please clear your browser cache to get the latest files.

If you experience any errors, please wait a bit in case I'm mid-change. If it persists, please let me know! I'll crush them as soon as I can :heart:
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