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[Please Read!] Personal Shops Guidelines

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[Please Read!] Personal Shops Guidelines

Postby Diana » Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:54 pm

Personal Shops
This forum is for members of Windlyn to give away or trade their talents for Windlyn items, Feathers, or Wings. Personal shops apply to art, graphics, photographs, writing, etc.

Please limit the number of shops you open in each category, and take care of what you have! Spiff up your thread, give it personality. Have fun!

I don't do art or any OC though!
    If you are looking to trade items for items or currency, the Yard Sale would be the place to make your thread!

I just want to show my art!
    If you are looking to just share some pictures you’ve made, check out the Show Off forum!
    If you are looking for comments or critique, please check this forum instead.

But I don’t see a category for what I want to do!
    If you can’t find a place to put your shop, please post it in the Personal Shops forum. We’d appreciate you suggesting the forum category you’re looking for in the Forum Suggestions thread! Thank you for helping us make Windlyn more accommodating!

    Please try to keep your threads per category (subforum) to a minimum.
    Do not post any advertisements for your shop in the Personal Shops category except for in the art subforum, or the Graphics subforum.

  • Please keep in mind that you are expected to follow Windlyn’s Rules and ToS in this and all other forums.
  • Selling, trading, or buying Windlyn items, Feathers, Wings, or services off of users for real world or off-site currency or services is strictly prohibited.
  • No nudity, provocative, or sexually suggestive art, photographs, or works of any sort. Linking nudity, sexual, or provocative work is prohibited. Do not offer or ask to receive sexually explicit or provocative art. Using Windlyn to conduct trades, exchanges, or sales of sexually explicit or provocative work is not allowed.

    Thank you for helping us keep Windlyn family friendly!

Trading advice
  • If an offer seems too good to be true… it probably is! Investigate around before sending your items away! Shop smart!
  • Fun, descriptive titles gain more attention than common, vague ones!
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