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Treasure Hunt!

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Treasure Hunt!

Postby Ryvvi » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:42 am

Hey guys! I need your help!

Some mean, nasty pirates stole some of Sparkle Kingdom's glittery treasure, and I need your help to get it back!

Those smelly pirates have taken 3 treasure chests, and they seem to have hidden them throughout Windlyn. Luckily I’ve managed to find some clues as to where they’ve hidden them. I'm sure the chests will be easy to find because pirates always leave an X to mark the spot!
If you can bring me proof of where the pirate's put one of the chests, I’ll make sure you’re amply rewarded! To let me know, just quote the post in the event thread where you saw the X.

I only need someone to tell me where they are once per chest... so if you want a cut of the treasure, you better start hunting quick!

For the sake of fairness, please don't use your mules to claim multiple chests!
Good luck hunting guys!
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