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Shiver no more! A new shop opens!

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Shiver no more! A new shop opens!

Postby Diana » Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:58 am

Say "hello" to Tannon Hale -- The owner of Tippsberg Express, the one stop shop for all winter goods.
In the outskirts of Snowflake Village, the coldest, (almost) inhabitable part of Windlyn, there sits a large iceberg (or glacier to some because of its size) just offshore. A small community decided to battle the extreme elements and stake out the land as their own. Thus, Tippsberg was founded. At the very peak, perched atop the edge of a great cliff of ice, sits a small wooden cabin.

Over the past few weeks you’ve heard talk about this small shop and the wonderful wintery goods it sells. Small whispers were exchanged in boatyards and marketplaces; it came up in friendly neighbourhood conversations... Your curiosity got the better of you and you decided to make the trip up to Tippsberg.

The journey was not an easy one. Getting to Snowflake Village is well… Just the tip of the iceberg. Making it out to Tippsberg proved to be much harder than the already difficult trip you anticipated. The worst part would probably be the tiny ferry that you had to take to get to the glacier. No matter how strong your stomach is, the rickety boat seemed determined to prove you wrong.
Saying the climb was difficult and dangerous would be an understatement. The path upwards shows signs of being traveled often, but even a master mountain climber would be huffing and puffing by the end.

Finally, you arrive at the crooked building. It stands tall, a rustic shack topped with snow. Icicles hang from every available edge. You take care to not walk under the most precariously hanging of them, should any dislodge and become spears, and push open the thick wooden door. Its warped top hits a bell hanging from a iron rod and makes a very quiet jingle.

You can’t help feeling there is something strange about the shop’s owner. Tannon Hale, there’s been rumors about him like no other. Some say he’s the reason Snowflake Village is frozen. Some say he’s been around forever. Some say he never leaves his shop and his goods are brought to him by small, enslaved creatures. Others say you’re only able to enter his shop at certain times because he’s out and about collecting all his wares. You aren’t quite sure what to believe, but when you make eye contact with Tannon you get a chill-- and you don’t think the outside temperature is at fault.

As walk through the doors, you’re taken aback. The shop appears to be alive. Nope. A second glance dispels your fears. It’s just an insane amount of Voexel fur everywhere.
Well... You made it.
Tippsberg Express-- goods for all kinds of (cold) weather!
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