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Novalia 2015

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Novalia 2015

Postby Diana » Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:21 pm


Every year, all of Windlyn gathers together to celebrate Novalia, giving thanks to the goddess Aurora who watches the world, for the fortunes of the previous year and for making wishes for the year to come. With the day of Fete right in the middle of the festivities, it’s a whole festival of eating, dancing, and being merry; all while praising Aurora.

However, Eventide, Aurora’s sister, has developed a deep jealousy over time. Once she longed for the company of her beloved sister. Now, even though they can only meet for an instant every night except during Novalia, she has come to resent her sister’s decision to become an immortal part of the sky. Eventide envies the public adoration her sister gets that she does not. Why should Aurora be loved when Eventide had been forcefully taken away? Why should she rule the skies when everyone is sleeping, too busy to recognize her beauty and power, while Aurora gets to control the daylight?

In the dead of night, while Aurora was watching the other side of Windlyn, Eventide whispered down to one of her few followers. She whined and wheedled, begged and cried to them to gain her some support.

The next morning, Eventide's followers began a war against Aurora's.

The regular Novalian festivities are on hold as the citizens and denizens alike turn on their once friendly neighbours. The battle is going nowhere good…

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