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If you have questions!

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If you have questions!

Postby Lime » Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:45 am

Hey all, I just want to remind you of just a few things! So I'll try to make this clear so it's not TL;DR. :)

You guys have been posting a heck of a lot, and I love it! I try to be around as much as possible to do site administrating, answer your questions, make sure you're all okay and loving things, but sometimes I can't get around to replying all of your threads and topics and making sure things are running smoothly! So, remember that if you have any questions, you can post it here in our Help and Support forum. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to post them into the Site Feedback forum. And lastly, if anything goes wrong, breaks, or something seems like it's not supposed to be a certain way post it in our Bug Report forum.

And remember, my inbox is always open to PMs, I reply them as quickly as I can. And lastly, if you need to get my attention in a forum to ask me a question/comment/etc. Don't forget that you can use "@" and then my username to tag me and get my attention! By all means, that's my job. :) Don't be afraid to summon me!

Now that that's said and done, the Halloween items are leaving The Lazarus on the 15th- don't forget! Once they're gone that's it. :) So I hope it's enough fair warning to get those items before they're done for good!

And lastly, Diana has posted a thread for talking about trading- so if you'd like to input your opinion (and we're listening!) feel free to give a reply here: Right here!
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