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Postby Lime » Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:32 pm

Awesome news everyone! Diana and I have hit a giant milestone here on Windlyn (thank you Diana for all your hard work!) and we're happy to announce that we're officially releasing..


That's right! You and everyone else reading this will now be able to send and receive trades full of items, feathers, and whatever else your little hearts will darn-well please!

Diana and I would like to say thank you though, to everybody here on Windlyn. We continue to work hard to make things for you, and make sure that this site is a great community for everybody. It's amazing how much you guys have stuck through our Alpha phase (many more plans ahead!), and will continue to support us through all of this. Thank you!

On a side note, please remember that these things take time, and there's bound to be a few bumps along the way as we make Windlyn as perfect as we can for you. Because of this, we would like to remind you do not exploit any bugs that may occur, if they occur, as that goes against our TOS that you agreed to when signing up for an account. Promptly report them here, or PM Diana. If something does happen that you believe to be a bug or an error with the trading system!

Also, feel free to post in Diana's trading talk thread for your feedback and what you'd like to see implemented in the trading system, and again, you all know that if you require any help at all, you can always PM one of us, or post here in our Help forum and one of us will be around to guide you through things! :)

You can find trades under the "Trade" tab in your home bar now- SO GO AND GET TRADING! :D

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