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Just a head's up.

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Just a head's up.

Postby Lime » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:48 pm

Hello everyone, if you're a new user (which means all of you! I know if you're lying!) I'd like to touch up on a few things.

You'll see on the side little icons under your avatar. Feathers are regular currency, and wings are our cash currency. Just in case you don't get confused as to what I'm talking about, haha.

So, I realize first and foremost that this site is still under a LOT of work, but we wanted to have it open to everybody to post and have fun in while we work on it! This does mean however that aside from your bonus feathers from joining, you might not be earning any while you're on here- yet. We're working on proper feather rewards, and so for the time being, all avatar items that we upload will be free- so you can change your avatar as much as you want without worry! So yay!

Also, the arcade works. Feel free to use that! So far we only have two games, though. But they're pretty fun!

Another big topic is male items. We know, we're really sorry that we don't have any yet! Tomorrow we're planning on adding some items. We just haven't because we're in the midst of redoing the avatar system to make it better, but since we've had quite a few people ask for it, we'll put some up so you can dress up your avatar before that! The bases won't change though, since they're androgynous there's no reason to currently~ All female items will have a chest on them (for example the polka-dot babydoll), and all unisex items won't. Anyone can wear anything!

The last thing I can think of currently, is we do have a Tumblr and a Facebook now! If you have the time, Like us and Follow us on there! (If the links don't work, feel free to PM me and I can link you personally!)

Thanks so much guys! And remember, if you have any questions, comments, need help, feel free to PM me and I'll help you with what I can!

Take care guys!
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Re: Just a head's up.

Postby Diana » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:08 pm

Hello, I'm Diana. I'm programming all of the everything right now.
Just a big heads up: if something doesn't work/looks weird, refresh your browser many, many times to clear the cache; and if that doesn't work, I'm either working on it or was working on it and forgot about it... or was working on something else and broke it. So throw up a thread in the bugs report forum to let me know about it. :)

You have to refresh your browser though, to get your avatar to show up after changing it. I'm still working on re-writing that. I think that's about the only big thing where you have to do that.
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