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Friendly Reminder Regarding Staff

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Friendly Reminder Regarding Staff

Postby Lime » Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:41 pm

While we understand that some users are just generally being helpful, we'd like to remind people to try to create as little confusion as possible, and do not try to take on moderating tasks and leave them to the actual moderators and admins. If you have any problems or questions with the site, please refer to the actual staff members. Anybody that's not staff should also redirect you for proper answers.

Please note, although we ask users to not take on moderating on their own accord, we do encourage users to use the reporting function if you see something against the Rules & ToS. This helps us greatly to make sure the site is in working order and comfortable for everyone.

The staff includes:


Diana - For all things concerning site development: i.e. bug fixes/reports, glitches, etc.
Lime - For all troubling users, harassment of any kind, about/concerning moderators, etc. OR IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO TO PM ABOUT SOMETHING.


All moderators are able to handle PMs concerning forum Rules & ToS across all forums. To keep things simple, please PM the moderator designated to that forum- but you may PM any of them if one is not online.

Ryvvi - The Exchange (Personal Shops, Yard Sale), Fashion Show, Hangouts
Zombiebunny - Welcome Wagon, The Lounge, Miscellaneous, Pop Culture, Fashion Show, Hangouts
Sanchicho - Adventurer's Corner (The Portal, The Roster, The Pub, The Secret Passageway, Proving Grounds, Story Time), IRL, Hobbies, Game Room, Hangouts

Please note, moderators are not in charge of forums that fall under "Windlyn Related" in the forum index. This includes: Events, Lore, Bug Report, Site Feedback, and Help/Support. If you have questions concerning these forums, please PM Lime .
Everything under the "Community", "Exchange", and "Adventurer's Corner" are all Moderator handled.

Alternatively, don't forget that aside from PMing our staff members, we do encourage users to also make use of our Bug Report, Help and Support, and Site Feedback respectively. These will be looked at and responded to by the admins on a consistent basis. So don't be afraid to post.

Thank you!
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