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[2015] Summer Palooza!

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[2015] Summer Palooza!

Postby Camilia » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:34 pm


Hey Winners! It's the Summer Palooza!

Are you excited?

Wait. What is the Summer Palooza, you ask? Well... Gosh! Didn't think I'd hear that question! It's only the hottest party in all of Windlyn (quite literally, hehe)! We relax and play on the beaches surrounding the lovely Kau'wella region, and participate in all sorts of summery games! There's sand castle building, and snowcone eating contests, my favourite of course, and all your typical sports like volleyball, and lots more! It's just so much fun!

I'm sure you're all super eager to get started, and I'll tell you how! It's easy! Drop by the party once a day until the end of the month, and win a different prize each time! I've put together some items you'll love, and even thrown in some feather and wings in the mix! Just a heads up! There's a super rare prize for you hardcore partygoers who visit every day of the event.

Camilia, signing off! I'll see you at the party! <3
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