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A new shop opens!

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A new shop opens!

Postby Diana » Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:29 pm

Meet Diamond, the hard working young lady who is Windlyn's newest shopkeeper!
Diamond's Emporium is the go-to place for hard to find luxury goods. The shop is elegant, but moderately sized and gives off the atmosphere and ambiance of traditional-elegance-meets-modern-chic. They pull it off effortlessly, and everything in the shop seems to meld together seamlessly and stylish.

Diamond and her family spend their lives working on collecting all sorts of unique items. They have spent hard work to build up their repertoire of exciting and exotic goods to share with folks around Windlyn.

Unfortunately, the city where Diamond does her trading and buying does not accept hard-earned Feathers. Although it pains her to turn away a shopper interested in her goods, she cannot accept them. Instead, any and all items in her shop can be purchased for Wings. She does, however, welcome all window shoppers, because she understands firsthand the curiosity new things can bring.

:L_Wing: :heart: :R_Wing:

If you were around for the summer event, you may have been lucky enough to pick up a few Wings to get you started! If not, visit to pick up a few!

Anticipated FAQ:

What are Wings?
Wings are a special currency on Windlyn Online, used to buy different items than the free Feather currency.

How can I get Wings?
Wings can either be purchased with real money or earned from certain events on the site.

To purchase Wings, first navigate to, (clicking the Wing icon ( :R_Wing: ) in the avatar sidebar on the right takes you to the same page) and then check out with PayPal.

Currently there is no other method of purchasing Wings.
There is also a minimum purchase of 100 Wings (1 USD).

Your Wings will be automatically added to your account after a successful purchase.

Can I trade Wing items?
Absolutely! All items purchased from Diamond's Emporium will be tradeable!

How can I tell if my items are Wing items?
When you go to your inventory (to dress up or trade/gift) the item will have a Wing icon on the thumbnail image:
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